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Graz sausage stands
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If in autumn, considering the culinary diversity of Styria, your stomach is constantly rumbling and your mouth is watering, then the streets of Graz are the place to be. Here you can quickly find typical Styrian specialities, exotic snacks or delicious small bites. Sweet or salty, fatty or juicy, in Graz everyone can quickly expand their own culinary horizons – after all, Graz does not call itself the “capital of culinary delights” for nothing.


The bretzel man He has simply become a cult figure and every child knows him: the `Brezelmann`. At the corner of Herrengasse and Hans Sachs Gasse or on the Erzherzog Johann Bridge he has been selling the famous Wagner pretzels since the beginning of time. You can't get anything more delicious faster and for less money.
The Hungry Heart Behind this door in the middle of the Lendviertel is a fast food Eldorado. French fries, hot dogs, sandwiches, freshly prepared with homemade sauces, plus punk rock at its best and craft beer - what more could you want?
Styrian hotdog If you want to find out in one bite what Styria has to offer, you have to bite into a Steirerhotdog from Standl 5. The ingredients for this come from the Graz area: a juicy sausage, a slight spiciness from Krenn, crunchy bread, salad and a sensational pumpkin seed oil mayo.
Chestnuts When autumn comes, it's time for Sturm and chestnuts. You can get both at many stands all over the city. The chestnuts are served as classically as ever in newspaper and can be eaten on the spot, because they taste best hot and fresh from the grill.
Frankowitschi In addition to the regular bar in Stempfergasse, there are now also two small stands with the world-famous Frankowitsch snacks, namely on Hauptplatz, where you can wait for the Bim in style with prosecco and bread in hand, and on Kaiser Josef Platz, where you are surrounded by other delicacies from the region.
Schönaugasse In the narrow part of Schönaugasse you will find a multicultural street food market. Of course, we don't recommend the fast food giant at the beginning of the alley, but what else is hiding behind it. So be brave and try something new, far away from the classic dishes you get at the sausage stand. Here you can find African stews, Thai dishes or Indian specialities like the super good samosas. By the way, at the end of Schönaugasse you will find the best kebap in town, at `Ifri`.
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“The Hungry Heart”

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“The Bretzel Man”