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We from “Discover Graz” are a rather freaky team, with different interests, we speak different languages, we are young or young at heart, we love our job and share the passion for this beautiful city Graz. As diverse as this city is, as diverse are we!

I am a true Graz native and a huge fan of this city. I started training as a tourist guide while I was still studying history at the Karl Franzens University in Graz. Many years have passed since then and I have never regretted it. Every tour is different, every group has its own dynamic, to do city tours is everything but monotonous everyday life for me, it is always a challenge and enrichment.

Almost daily I creep, jump or stroll through Graz, enjoying every time the many details this city has to offer, I always come across something new and therefore I say with conviction: “There is always something to discover! Discover Graz!”


Ruth Nezmahen

P.S.: We not only feel at home in Graz, but also know our way around Styria. Sophie offers guided tours in Leoben and on the “Iron Road”.