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Free Tour

You decide what you pay:

Ouir entertaining and diverting free tours take place on pre-set dates which you can find in our calendar. At the end of the tour, we appreciate a reasonable tip (we are not paid by any other organisations or associations). Therefore, there is a minimum number of participants of 10 persons. All free tours can also be booked exclusively in the course of a young tour.

“The best things in life are free”

Small print: The guide will gladly accept a reasonable tip at the end of the tour.

Free Tours

To make this beautiful city accessible for everyone we offer our free tours on a regular basis. These are a selection of different themes to experience this beautiful city of Graz and to see it from different points of view.

The classic Old Town Walking Tour shows the highlights of the Old Town of Graz, which may call itself a “Unesco World Heritage Site”: Graz Cathedral, the largest mausoleum of the Habsburg family, the Old University, the heart of the city the Graz Main Square with its historic town hall and bourgeois houses, the oldest Renaissance courtyard in the city, the distinctive “Landhaushof”, the baroque Palais of the “Sackstraße” and much more.

With the castle hill tour we offer exclusive insights into the city’s landmarks, namely the clock tower and the bell tower, and also enjoy a wonderful view.

The evening tour is again dedicated to darker themes, hidden cemeteries, legends and stories of the dead and undead.

With our “Lust and Vice” tour we will illuminate funny topics around famous people of Graz and their scandalous sex lives and life stories, unique in Graz.

Light and lively, colourful and playful, our children’s tour is an experience for the whole family. A journey back in time to the Middle Ages, the Renaissance period and the Baroque period. Children playfully experience and discover the sights of the Old Town, the “Franziskanerplatz” and its guild signs, the “Landhaushof”, the “Herrengasse”, the “Hauptplatz”, the facades of the “Sporgasse” and the beautiful city palaces of the “Sackstraße”.

Of course, we also show you the magic of Christmas on our Advent tours through the districts of Gries and Lend. Less classical but more funny, bizarre and amazing things about Christmas in Graz.

Graz can also be different: When visiting Graz, a tour on the “other side” of the Mur, through the former Mur suburbs, is a must. The area is young, artisanal, modern and historic, simply different.

A historical guided tour on a still very important topic is the tour “Graz during the Second World War”. This guided tour is made for adults, but above all for children and young people in the upper grades, and is also held regularly in cooperation with museums and other institutions.

The chronological continuation of “Graz in the Second World War” is “Graz very British”. This city tour deals with the post-war period and the British occupation and is interesting and surprising for German-speaking guests but especially for guests from Great Britain.

The tour “from street art to street food” is really colourful, urban and artistic. Suitable for families, adults, young people, people interested in art and design lovers.