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painted house Graz

No more dark winter and grey January… Graz is colourful and not just during carnival. Graz has many colourful alleyways and colourful house walls, colourful events and shops. Colourful things to eat and colourful things to admire. We’ll be happy to tell you how you can fill up on colour and where you can best prepare for your big carnival appearance in our logbook entry.

Colourful Graz:

Gemaltes Haus und Tagger Werke Colourful walls seem to be popular at all times. One of the sights in the city centre is the Painted House in Herrengasse. When was the last time you took the time to admire the colourful façade? The former Tagger Werke factory is a little more modern. It has the largest graffitis in the city, impressive, full of messages and humour.
Les Tissut Colbert It's good for the eye and soul when you step out of your grey everyday life and into the colourful fabric shop Les Tissut Colbert on Kaiser Josef Platz. Creative patterns, fine materials and colourful accessories that you can't get enough of.
Alles Party Of course, you shouldn't forget that it's carnival season and you should start thinking about which costume you'd like to wear this year. At Alles Party in Feuerbachgasse, you'll find costumes and lots of fancy dress decorations.
Something sweet Fancy something sweet? A Graz delicacy? The patisseries are really colourful these days. At Hofbäckerei Edegger Tax or Konditorei Philipp, for example, you can get the cheerful and delicious so called Faschingsköpfe, carnival heads. An eye-catcher at every carnival party!
Confetti What would carnival be without confetti? But there's something special in Graz too: sustainable, handmade, upcycled confetti from Offline Retail. You can find Offline Retail, a colourful shop by the way, on Mariahilferstraße in Graz.
Party Dancing under the rainbow? The most colourful parties are celebrated with the Rosa Lila Pantherinnen. Whether at the Tuntenball, the carnival party, the regulars' table or the FAGtory Club... Always a colourful party, literally and figuratively.
confetti Graz

“Offline Retail”

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