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saving tips

Everything is getting more expensive and the frustration about it is understandably growing. If, like us, you’ve spent almost your entire life in the same city, then you know a few tips and tricks for saving money, and as always, we’re happy to share them with you.

Saving money:

streetfood One thing is clear: the cheapest way is still to cook yourself. But if you don't feel like it or are visiting Graz and there is no kitchen available, there are still ways to eat cheaply but good. You can go to an Austrian sausage stand. There you can still find regional products at fair prices and the atmosphere at the sausage stand is unique and an experience anyway.
cantinees and weekly menues Ask around to see which company canteens are also open to the public. The Caritas canteen in the Augustinum in Grabenstraße is one of them. Here you can get a menu with salad, soup, main course and juice for less than €10. Of course, many restaurants in the city centre have weekly menus where you can eat well for less money.
Fitness To stay fit and healthy, all you have to do is get out. Many parks in the city offer fitness equipment and courses. In the Volksgarten, the Annenviertel association regularly organises yoga, table tennis and good morning discos for free.
food sharing Life is a matter of give and take, and as far as food is concerned, the Fairteiler boxes and fridges that are scattered all over the city support us in this. Before you throw away good food, for example because you are going on holiday or have cooked too much, you put it in the box and everyone can take something out and eat it.
Book sharing It's one thing to do something for your physical well-being, but it's something else to keep yourself intellectually stimulated. You can take as many books as you like from the free book boxes and it's nice if you also put in books that are no longer needed and have already been read through.
Gathering food For personal use, it is permitted to gather and harvest in Graz and also in the Styrian forests. Mushrooms, berries and fruits. It's unbelievable how many different things grow on the trees in Graz and what is waiting to be harvested, free of charge of course.
Shopping It's the time to hit the city's flea markets and second-hand shops. A new autumn outfit doesn't have to cost the earth, no, it can even cost nothing. You can find many cool things in the ``food for nothing shop``, which are given away just like that. If you want to give something away yourself, you can give it to the shop the other way round.
book sharing

“Freie Bücherboxen”

sausage stands

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