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A few gift tips for our gentlemen:

1. So that men don’t freeze in April weather and are also well dressed in crises and in the home office, you can order fine fashion from “Sunsetstar”, “Zerum”, “Grumpy Scampi” or “Rowdy”.

2. Tailor-made bags and backpacks made in Lend can be found as usual at tag.werk. They even have their own shoppers sewn for toilet paper to suit the situation!

3. Useful things to do with barbecuing and gardening can be found at “Klammerth”, “Kaster and Öhler” und “Samen Köller”. A meaningful occupation is very important these days!

4. A High-tech and showpiece product that should not be missing in any apocalypse: the solar panels from “sunnybag”.

5. As the name suggests, it is time to make a meaningful gift from the Caritas webshop “Schenken mit Sinn”:

Hop hop bunnies!