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It’s time to give the Easter Bunny a hand, from home of course. First things first, the chocolate:

1. “Zotter Chocolate” sells many funny Easter boxes online and, as is the custom at Zotter, products with a lot of wit and irony.

2. We know from a reliable source that selected delicacies from Ferdinand Haller are sold in the Martin Auer branch on Schillerplatz. Further branches are to follow. What would Easter be without the most beautiful bunnies from the most beautiful store in the city?

3. Easter chocolates for the grown-ups are available from Confiserie Eckhard and in especially cute wooden boxes.

4. An “Easter bunny ordering service” for selected chocolates is offered by “Linzbichler”, here you can find details:

5. The “Manner” wafers: a classic of the Austrian dessert culture and of course available in supermarkets or online. One simply likes Manner!