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The best ideas for Mother’s Day. If we had more than one mother, we would give them this:

First, a tour of the city. This pleases all mothers, the whole family and it is allowed again. At you can find our tours and if you have a special wish, just write to us!

2. A little bag, a cover, furniture, a skirt or something else nice and cute from the “Offline retail”.

3. The most beautiful flower arrangements can be found in the “Gärtnerei Lederleitner” or at the market. If you would like to buy flowers for eternity, you should come to the Pop up store “White bungalow” this Friday and Saturday there is the “dried flower ice cream bar”, ice and flowers, that sounds good, doesn’t it?

4. The perfect breakfast is of course homemade and you can find the best ingredients at the farmer’s market, but the eye eats with you. Beautiful fancy vintage plates and Etageres and cups and also tea and hot chocolate AND cakes to take away can be found in “Omas Teekanne”.

5. A really useful gift for mothers who also think of other mothers can be found in the Caritas webshop. Give your mother a symbolic flock of chickens, a goat, a sleeping bag and help other families.