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Day 40 in quarantine:

The beauty sleep comes to an end (finally) now it is time to let the experts do their work, because you can’t show your face like this…

1. To “Die Haarschneiderei”, because this is certainly the most colourful and iconic hairdresser in town and you know your trade there. But of course we don’t want to mess anything, just go to the hairdresser of your choice, the hairdresser you trust, but do it now!

2. The all-round package can be found in the “Spa zur Sonne”. From massage to Cleopatra bath and then to the “oasis of peace”. The bath can also be used. Simply wonderful.

3. Pedicure and manicure good and uncomplicated is available at “Fein und Flink” and right next door you can find natural cosmetics for home, also from Graz, in the “Ecco verde store”.

4. Numerous yoga studios are at your disposal for mind and soul. Here too, the motto is “do what is good for you and what you like”. We recommend “Studio Herzefeld” and the appropriate equipment is available at “Mangolds” in the Griesgasse.

5. For steel bodies and the perfect bikini figure we would recommend long walks through the city. The workout is especially effective in combination with a guided tour of the city.

So hopefully see you soon!