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Easter presents for the little ones, which can be bought contactlessly, but may be given within the household with contact:

The name says it all: The wonderful “Tausendschön Kindertraum” for special gifts and the “Mamiladen” for almost everything a mother and father’s heart desires. and

2. Toys for smaller and also bigger ones can be found at the “Spielzeugschachtel”.

3. A super online shop where you can find some great things, from bicycles to cuddly diapers, “Pilzessin” at

4. The super coolest children’s clothes and small fabric birds can be found at “Lou Dejlig”:

5. A regional, fair, sweet, contactless Easter bunny is not to be missed and can be bought at: “Confectionery Eckhard”, “Süßer Steirer”, “Ferdinand Haller”, “Linzpichler”, “Kristinas Meisterkonditorei”, “Zotter”, “Konditorei Klescher”.

Bunny hop!