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How do I make my many women happy in these times?

1. With fashion from “Sestra” of course, because even in quarantine you should be well dressed, you never know when a spontaneous video call will come in.

2. “Diamonds are the girls best friends”, or fashion jewelry, depending on the budget. “New one” even has Easter jewelry. And as an exception, we recommend a shop from Vienna, namely our favourite Viennese store, the “Kaufhaus Schiepek”.

3. Woman of the world can never have enough purses. You will find a huge selection in the #Offlineretail and at “Das tapfere Michilein”.

4. To make yourself comfortable at home you need tea from “Omas Teekanne” and cookies. By the way, you can also make them yourself with the utensils from the “Küchenfee”. This little shop is a chamber of wonders, you can find EVERYTHING there! Just call them and order.

5. Decoration and beautiful things as far as the eye can see are available in “Berlinchen”, “Tausendschön”, at “Schranzer” and in “Kwirl”. Whether you absolutely need all this or not, please do not question that, never.

Happy Easter!